Pre Season Fitness Training Program



This is a downloadable PDF document we have designed and used this pre season training program to get us the best fitness and strength for taking on those winter missions. Whether those missions are lift served or you have to walk to earn them, you will be in prime shape to conquer the mountain.

The program covers

  • diet
  • sleep
  • recovery
  • warm-ups
  • stretching
  • fasting

The training program is a 5 week + 3 week program. ┬áThe 3 weeks are the pre program build up, for those who don’t train all that much and need an extra few easier weeks to get into condition to start the actual program.

The 5 week program then, incrementally increases to get you in peak condition before the season kicks off.

This program is designed for anyone who skis or boards and wants to be in peak condition when the snow snows, the lifts spin and the walking to earn them turns starts.




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