Foundation Navigation Course

Have you ever wanted to navigate with a map and compass? Wanted to have a backup to your phone and GPS if they run out of battery, whilst in the bush? This course will enable you to read and identify features on a topographic map and get from A to B using just a map and compass. 

The 1 day course will cover the fundamentals of navigation both theory and practical.  It is designed for anyone wanting to learn navigation for the first time, or expand on their existing skills.

The course is designed for everyone including, hikers, campers, hunters, adventurers, back country tourers and those just wanting to expand their skills.

Topics include:

  • Map features & Marginal info
  • Planning and route considerations
  • Bearings & Pace counting
  • Navigation Data Sheet
  • Backup GPS & Offline maps

The course is run by guides who spend their days navigating around the bush for something to do.  Our guides and instructors have oodles of real world experience, including former Australian Special Forces and Army.

Location: Dinner Plain
Dates: See Schedule
Duration: One day (9:00am to 4:30pm).
Instructor to student ratio: 1 to 5 (max)
Included:  Maps and compasses, first aid and safety equipment.
Cost: $220 per person.

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